Happy birthday to my little brother

It was such a big surprise for me when I came back Vietnam and saw how much my brother has changed. I clearly understand everybody will grow up at specific time, but it’s hard to admit that my brother needs to grow up. In my mind, he is always my cute little boy who needs my help and support.

The truth is my brother turns 14 years old today. Even though we fight a lot all the time, he’s my only sibling in this world. Obviously, I love him really much. Everyone said we’re totally different in both mentally and physically appearances. My teacher always talk about me as a nice, careful and comprehensive student. He, in contrast, is considered as a smart, self-confident but naughty boy. However, I like him for who he is, especially when he tries to like what I like.

Here are some pictures my cousins took on his 14th birthday. Thank you all for replacing my position and giving his a good birthday party when I’m so far away.

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My dear brother,

Happy birthday, baby. I’m glad that you had fun at your party. I love you for who you are, always and forever. However, please grow up. Don’t act like a little boy because you’re 14 now. Study as hard as you can, so you can attend in Tran Phu high school for the gifted. Don’t let mom down. She loves and expects you much more than I do. And because she’s our mom


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