Friendship is a personal relationship that basically relies on the common interests and understanding between humans. It’s the relationship of trust and honesty, respect and faith, sympathy and empathy, compassion and positive reciprocity. A true friend is someone who will tell you when you do something wrong. A true friend is someone who will always stand by your side when you have some trouble. They will share your happiness and laughter, as well as sadness and tears. A true friend is someone that will love you wholeheartedly and always encourage and inspire you. No matter when you need them, they will come to you. When everybody in the world is hostile to you, true friends will still be with you and help you overcome all the obstacles. When we have true friends around us, the world brightens as every single moment of our lives become meaningful and miraculous.

This paragraph is what I wrote for my definition paper. Even though people didn’t like it, I still like it so much. Some people say it’s likely what they see on a postcard. Others don’t think it’s fake. I was really mad at those comments because these people don’t understand anything at all. Their feedback is likely an insult to my best friends.

Whatever! I feel bad for them because they have never known what a true friend is, but  I have. Just so you know, I wrote this paper with sweet memories of my best friends. What you guys understand is just a normal friend. Poor you!


The Four Beauty

It’s unbelievable that we’ve been best friends for more than 12 years. Our hometown is not too big, but Hai Phong is big enough to tear us apart. Fortunately, nothing can impact our friendship. It’s truth that we fought a lot, we had a great deal of argument and discussion. We are 4 different girls. After all, we’re still best friends who share the same thought, and learn how to accept others’ weakness and special.

You guys know what. I read some others’ paper about friendship with ridiculous examples. For instance, a person wrote about her/his friend was waiting for her for 1 hour to complete a paper. Haha, even an accquaintance can do that, right? It’s nothing compared to what we overcame together to maintain our truthful friendship

Under any circumstance, you always stay by my side and make me smile. I have written many things about you, but love can’t express everything in my heart
“You’re the best than the best…
The moments when my good times start to fade,
You make me smile like the sun fall out of bed,
sing like a bird, dizzy in my head, spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night.
You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe, shine like gold, buzz like a bee. …
Just the thought of you can drive me wild. Only you make me smile

♥ Love you ♥

Friendship isn’t always going well, actually we argue and fight a lot in the real life. However, when talking about my best friends, I think about all the best things they’ve done to me. It’s just because they deserve it and more than that! Because after all things have happened in my life, you  guys are the gift that God sends me


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