Emotion · Friends


Grey sky and light rain…

Today is not a beautiful day, but still special somehow. The last day of November finally comes! Few people said that it’s gonna snow this evening and tomorrow. Can’t wait for the snow 😦 It comes so lately this year. Have so much stuff to do but I keep doing the odds 😦 Final exams, here I come

Whatever, I will study after this entry 😛 It’s extremely nice to stay inside and look the rain through the windows. Super beautiful and romantic!!! Rain always brings me variety of interesting emotions.

I miss my soul mate. It seems like something has happened to her lately, but I am not sure what it is. I miss the memory we shared together with rain. I miss the old days when we forgot umbrella and walked on naked feet back to our houses. Sweetheart, you’re a strong girl. You’re intelligent enough to get over all those trouble. Keep being ambitious and fight for what you’re deserve to. Remember I love you no matter where i am!

I really like this video when Kobe Lee (Lê Tuấn Anh) first posted it on facebook. I know you like this song too. Haha the first Chinese song you learned pinyin and sang it to me ever.  Just think about it as a gift that I send to you with all the love in my heart. Hope you feel better. Stand up, keep fighting and come over here with me coz I can’t live without you forever 😦



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