Miami University

Final weeks

Paper, and paper, and after a paper is another paper. Then, final exams next week! Well, I’m lucky enough to have just 3 finals but still a lot of work. History and Microbiology exams are not much, just tons of works.How wonderful my life has been going…

Need to focus now 😦 I’m so lazy these couple days, plus the freaking cold of December prevented me to do my works 😀 This morning, I woke up and found another white hair. It kinda scared me. Wow, the 3rd one I’ve found since I’m at college. What the hell is happening to me? I’m just 18 years old now 😦 I guess there are still a bunch of white hairs because all the ones I found were very long.

Last night was terrible, another sleepless night then tried to finish HST paper as much as I could this morning. Now, I need to rewrite it. I want to rewrite the whole thing though, my paper is so extremely boring. Cory and Bryan’s papers have some really cool ideas. Hopefully, I’ll get at least a C for today’s draft 😦 Better not expect too much, so I’m not gonna disappointed of the outcome.



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