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Happy 31st birthday, Steven Gerrard!

Lục lọi quá khứ và vô tình tìm thấy một vài bài báo thú vị bị lãng quên bấy lâu nay 🙂 Read this note if you want to know why I do not like, why I do not respect, why I do not worship Steven Gerrard 🙂


1. Steven Gerrard is “an ideal dad and husband”

Bỏ mặc cô vợ Alex nằm co quắp ở nhà, tiền vệ đội trưởng Liverpool, Steven Gerrard đã lao vào bữa tiệc kéo dài tới… 14 tiếng đồng hồ tại khu nghỉ mát Algarve (Bồ Đào Nha)…


Hiếm khi góp mặt trong những cuộc chơi theo kiểu “sát ván tàn canh”, Stevie đã gây choáng váng cho nhiều người từ bữa nhậu nhẹt bù khú trên. Quần áo xộc xệch, mặt mũi phờ phạc, dáng đi xiêu vẹo, lăm lăm trên tay chai bia Corona, Gerrard khiến nhiều người không khỏi giật mình. Cùng với chiến hữu Danny Murphy, Gerrard và nhóm bạn đã chọn khu resort Vale do Lobo để “hạ cánh”. 


Không biểu lộ thái độ rõ rệt nhưng chắc chắn, cô vợ Alex đang bị sốc thực sự trước màn “xé rào” từ đức ông chồng. Theo lời rỉ tai từ giới hiếu kỳ tại Liverpool, Alex đang nhăm nhe bay tới nghỉ mát tại Mỹ cùng hai con gái (Lilly-Ella và Lexie), bỏ mặc Gerrard ở lại Anh. Không khéo, bầu không khí trong gia đình Gerrard sẽ lại căng thẳng sau vụ nhậu nhẹt ầm ĩ này. Dù đã say xỉn nhưng cả nhóm Gerrard vẫn quyết định “chiến” tiếp. “Cả nhóm nói năng ồn ào, không hề ngó ngàng đến sự chú ý của những người xung quanh”, một người có mặt thuật lại. Cũng may là không có xô xát giữa nhóm của Gerrard với mấy tay anh chị người địa phương có mặt ở trong quán rượu.  Không chỉ nhảy nhót, hò hét ồn ào, nhóm của Gerrard còn nhảy bổ lên bục sân khấu thể hiện khả năng ca hát. “Gerrard bị mấy cô ả bốc lửa đứng gần sân khấu quây chặt lấy khi anh ta bước lên biểu diễn. Nếu Alex có mặt tại thời điểm đó, chắc chắn cô ấy sẽ rất nóng mặt”. “Đại náo” tại hộp đêm đến khoảng 1 giờ sáng, Gerrard và chiến hữu tiếp tục di chuyển sang một quán rượu nằm liền kề đó.  Ngay khi thuê được một villa nằm sát bờ biển, nhóm của Gerrard bắt đầu mò mẫm tới quán bar Da Barra. “Bọn họ đặt chân vào quán bar vào khoảng 11 giờ trưa. Có vẻ như phấn khích vì điều gì đó, bọn họ luôn miệng thúc giục đem thêm đồ uống”. Sau mấy tiếng đồng hồ nhậu nhẹt tại quán bar Da Barra, Gerrard cùng đám chiến hữu “nhổ rễ” đi sang hộp đêm Monty’s làm tiếp “tăng hai”. 




2. 5 YEARS IN JAIL… Oh, really? 


Stevie G.B.H.

(That’s Gerrard Bar-room Havoc)By GUY PATRICK

Published: 30 Dec 2008


SOCCER star Steven Gerrard could face up to five years in jail after he was charged with assault last night over a punch-up in which a DJ was beaten.

Liverpool and England midfielder Gerrard, 28, was nicked with five pals after fighting broke out early yesterday.


Part-time DJ Marcus McGee, 34, needed four stitches to head wounds.

Blood and shards of broken glass could still be seen on the floor of a pub after the punch-up which left England soccer hero Gerrard in police custody.

Gerrard was nicked as he celebrated scoring twice in his side’s 5-1 trouncing of Newcastle on Sunday – and charged with assault and affray after nine hours of questioning.

A shocked witness said: “Someone made a comment and it all went off.”

McGee was rushed to hospital after fighting broke out in the Lounge Inn bar-restaurant at around 2.30am yesterday.


The venue, which turns into a late club at night, is close to Gerrard’s mansion home in Formby.

It is understood there was a row involving the player and Marcus, who had taken over the decks while the bar’s regular DJ took a break.


Marcus was left in charge of a card which allowed the music to be changed – and Gerrard is said to have asked for a different tune.

But he refused to hand over the card, saying he could not alter the music policy.


Released … Steven Gerrard in bar before brawl

A reveller said the brawl then kicked off saying: “The whole thing lasted less than ten seconds.

“Gerrard was pulled out of the scrapping and it turned into a free-for-all.

The doormen all ran in and the club seemed to empty in seconds. We didn’t see who went where.

“People were rushing to Marcus’s side. He had a light-coloured shirt on and it was stained with blood.”

The DJ, a father of two young girls, needed four stitches to a head wound, had a tooth knocked out and suffered a suspected broken nose.


Aftermath … blood spots on floor of bar after fight in early-hours


The witness said there had been bad feeling in the bar earlier.

He went on: “Marcus came into the club with two pals and some time later Gerrard walked in.

“One of Gerrard’s mates had a dispute with one of Marcus’s pals and they eyeballed each other.

“Marcus stepped in as peacemaker and it calmed down for a while.

“Everyone was drinking and having a good time. But when Marcus’s mates left, he was on his own and it was then that him and Gerrard started rowing by the dance floor.”


His mum Patricia, 61, said: “He had only gone for a quiet night out with his partner.

“He has ended up losing a tooth and the whole family is shaken up. I’m looking after his two little girls. We can’t believe that this happened. Fighting like this is just pathetic.”

Police had raced to the bar after the bust-up and arrested Gerrard and five pals.

A nearby newsagent said: “My milkman told me that there were police officers and forensics outside the club at about 5.30am after a fight had taken place.”

Gerrard was held overnight and it is understood police started questioning him and his mates yesterday lunchtime.

He was released after almost 21 hours at 11.25pm.


Lounge Inn owner Mak Naidoo said: “We’ve got no comment to make.” The sister of the co-owner Dario Curcillo said of Gerrard: “As far as I know he comes here regularly.”

The bar’s website boasts “a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere”. It adds: “The venue later transforms into an exclusive night-spot incorporating live music and top DJs.”

Dad-of-two Gerrard has captained England four times. He was made an MBE last year and has an honorary fellowship from Liverpool John Moores University.

Days ago he wrote a special Prayer for Liverpool for the city’s Anglican Cathedral.

It read: “My hope for Liverpool for 2009 would be an end to gun and knife crime, making the city a place our kids can grow up to be proud of.”


Read more:


3. Only when you are a famous soccer player, you do not have to go to jail if you hit people 🙂


By John Bingham 8:43AM GMT 14 Jan 2009


Anthony McLoughlin, the brother of Rooney’s wife Coleen, was questioned on suspicion of assault on Tuesday in connection with the fight in Southport.

Gerrard, 28, was charged with two other men after the incident at the Lounge Inn, in Southport, Merseyside, in the early hours of Dec 29.

Marcus McGee, 34, a businessman and part-time DJ, lost a tooth and needed stitches to the head after the fight which is said to have flared after Gerrard was refused a swipe card to use the music system at the venue.

Gerrard, of Formby, Merseyside, was arrested with five other men and questioned for most of the following day.

The Liverpool captain was later charged with causing assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray alongside Ian Smith, 19, and 29-year-old John Doran, both from Huyton, Liverpool.

They have been released on bail to appear in court on Jan 23 while three other men arrested at the time have been bailed pending further inquiries.

McLoughlin, 19, was questioned on Tuesday before also being bailed pending further inquiries.

His father, Tony, 49, said that his son had “not done anything”.

“Everything is all right, he is out, he is all right,” he told the Daily Mirror.

Merseyside Police said: “The 19-year-old male from Huyton who was earlier arrested on suspicion of assault following the incident at the Lounge Inn, Southport in the early hours of Dec 29 has been released on police bail pending further inquiries.”







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